Saturday, July 08, 2006

the pirates and the chest

the pirates and the chest
or 'pirates of the carribbean: dead man's chest' as they call it

good movie
just like the first one, i'd say
weird story, silly pirates, funny depp aka 'captain jack sparrow'
confusing ending and a whole bunch of special effects too
all in all, a fully entertaining movie

[if you want to not know the details of the movie, skip the rest]
there are a few things i liked about the movie
the graphics are quite impressive
i mean the guys in the after life are really ugly and gross
seriously, if i have to feel they are ugly, the make-up teams done a good job
jhonny is funny, and his part ensures this is well displayed to the audience
kieira sometimes looks like she don't fit in this movie, but don't blame her, the others are all weird
notice the logo of the 'east india company', its quite cool, least i felt so

a good movie to start the movie watching days in ipswich

apart from this eventful movie, the day also got me a bank account
and a good afternoon nap


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