Thursday, July 06, 2006

into the kingdoms united

so, i've come into the kingdons united
here i am in this world that is new

landed a couple of days back
settled into a lodge, lattice one
and started fully into the usual grind
looking for a home was the first real job

after a few visits with the local 'lettings' people
decided upon a place that is simple and sufficient and fairly pricey
but then who cares about the money anyway

to celebrate the home selection
i go for a beer at the closest beer joint
couple of beers and sufficiently satisfied
take away is the answer for the day
eat and sleep is the plan

the television makes no sense
specially without no football
the papers only speak of the famous roo and the infamous dinio

spoke to the bra for a long duration
speaking for the duration itself seems welcome
plans for the first trip is in the making

heavy eyelids push the termination of the first blog
which was the 'novel / capital ideal' that was instigated by the beer

hope to keep it going


At 7:36 PM, Blogger munch ;) said...

keep blogging!!!


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