Wednesday, July 12, 2006

a brand new home

a brand new home, a whole new world

i moved into my new home last night
will, in most probabilities, be here for the rest of this year
contract signed, advance paid, and i'm all set

the place is nice and spacious
its one of the flats of 'parklands' at 30 fonnereau road
i guess it was one big bungalow at some point in time, made into 6 houses now
it has a bath room, a bed room and a kitchen-cum-living room
the living room has three big windows and a high ceiling

in terms of inventory, it came with a bed, 2 sofas, a fridge, a washing machine,
a dining table and chairs, a cupboard

i now have a huge task at my hands, setting the place up
need to buy a bunch of things and start the set-up process

so, here i go to 'tesco' !


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